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It’s the end of another school year and that means the end of classes only after we take our finals. The final for this Public Relations Writing class is to create a top ten list of everything we learned during our time together.

Over the semester we covered a lot of practical information concerning the field of Public Relations. We went from focusing on the actual writing of documents and AP style to photography composition and relationship building.

These are the top ten things I learned through the course…

10. Twitter and Social Media: They have some benefits to the professional market. They allow the ability to establish connections, find new clients, get in touch with other professionals in the field and offer outlets for relevant news to be shared among the masses.

9. Invisibility: Many of the things you write may not be published under your name. Your goal is to be published and get your name out among clientele networks, but the public may never know a piece you’ve written. Knowing this, you should write in a manner that keeps your identity hidden.

8. Broadcast Writing: Broadcast writing is completely different than text written to be read by the audience. Writing to be communicated audibly has to be structured differently. It has to be more conversational and simple in order to allow a broader audience to comprehend the message, follow along and still learn something from the script.

7. Photos and Captions: Sending out photo news releases provides a visual edge to your story. This can assist in engaging your audience in a manner that will help them feel as close to the action as possible. Captions and even down to the composition of the photo are useful in attracting the audience to read your story over one without that may have been skipped over because of no appeal.

6. Client Relationships: There is no job to be done without a client. Keeping a solid relationship with your client is crucial. Everything you do, everything you write, everything you send out is to promote your client, so it’s important to be sure you fully support what your client is about and what he or she does.

5. Social Media News Releases: This a newer form of communicating to a digital public. SMNRs are very convenient and are an effective tool in sending out a broad scope of resources to bring the public back to your message or product.

4. Blog Comments: Though it took some time to learn this, I see how important posting comments onto other people’s blogs is. This creates conversation within the blog and connects your blog with others of similar subjects. People who read your comments may then also click over to view your blog, creating a broader network of who your blog reaches.

3. AP Style: The Associated Press has created standards for how writing should be done in a wide range of mediums. Following AP style is crucial to getting published and sometimes respected as a writer. It is important to follow up on AP guides due to the constant additions and changes that are made every year.

2. Blogging: From creating one to understanding how difficult it is for me to keep up with one; what I need to improve on in order to bring people to my blog while keeping it fresh. Blogging opens the doors for others to follow up on what you think is important and is a great medium for quick, informative references.

And the number one lesson I learned from PR Writing is….

1. Personal Interaction: Making physical contact (shaking hands, meeting in person, etc.) is the most important thing a PR practitioner can do to establish and maintain healthy relationships. It is imperative to remember that we shouldn’t connect with others just for what we can get out of them.


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