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Do The Test

Our teacher showed us an interesting video today in class about creative techniques concerning public service announcements. PSAs are generally all the same, so it becomes more effective when you use a new approach as in this video from U.K.

The test in this video is a bit tricky, so see if you have what it takes to pass:


6 Responses to “Do The Test”

  1. I thought that this video was one of the most clever PSA’s that I have seen when Professor Nixon showed it to us in class yesterday. It is crazy (and sometimes scary) how much information we do not catch because we are either not paying attention or are focused on something else! This PSA displayed the message that we need to be looking out for cyclists in a crystal clear way, and I thought this was really creative.

    Since I liked this PSA so much, I wanted to see if they had created any similar PSA’s, and I found another one, titled Whodunnit:

    I am ashamed to say, I did not catch any of the changes in this one, just like I did not catch the change in the one we saw in class. However, that just made the message even more persuasive to me, in my opinion.

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  3. I’m sure just like everyone else we all failed the first time see the dancing bear walk though. It’s odd how we can be so focused on doing one particular thing that we fail to even recognize anything or anybody that may be near or associated around us. The fact that we missed seeing a dancing bear walk right through the basketball players could signify that there are many other issues going on in society that could be dangerous, coniving, or unhealthy to us and we not even notice. Or do we see them and just ignore them?

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  5. I LOVED this test. I saw it several years ago when a friend in England sent it too me. I don’t remember if I saw the bear, but I’m fairly certain I failed also. XD It was an extremely effective advertisement. I wonder though, if they hadn’t said, “count the number of passes” we would have seen the bear?

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