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Conversations with Jeff Houck

Recently, we had a man familiar with the real world of public relations come speak in our class. Jeff Houck, contributor to the Tampa Tribune, stopped by for a little discussion.

He was a lively character with a lot of useful information for any question the class had to offer him. Hearing him provided a great perspective for what a path in public relations can look like after college. I think having a guest speaker from the aspired profession is a crucial addition to any college experience for all majors.

Mr. Houck gave insightful tips for how to get the attention of a targeted recipient. I did also note how agitated PR practitioners can make a writer due to specific habits, along with how Mr. Houck specifically does not favor receiving embargo dates on news releases. But above all, he stressed the easily forgotten human element in the public relations world. Establishing a connection with an individual may consist of business relations, but we should not only approach people just to get what we need from them. That’s advice worth heeding beyond any profession.

Jeff Houck’s blog can be reached through the Tampa Tribune.


One Response to “Conversations with Jeff Houck”

  1. I remember him coming. I think that the only tip I have for making this blog better is saying some of the tidbits of knowledge that he gave you, or what you thought of his lecture. Blogs can be personal and I think it should be. You can also follow him on twitter. Right now he’s saying that he’s eating chicken. ( Thanks!

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