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April 30, 2010

Comment to Boulware: This is a great site to learn about making Social Media News Releases, and to find real world examples to model after. I’ve come to find that SMNRs are just a combination of the majority of the projects and assignments we’ve done in class, so it isn’t so intimidating to create one. […]

New Flavor

April 30, 2010

Recently Vitamin Water launched a campaign, teaming up with Facebook users in creating a new flavor to their arsenal. The verdict is out and I’ve gotten my hands on a bottle, which is available in SEU’s cafe.

iPad Reviews

April 30, 2010

Interested in buying an iPad? You might want to check a few reviews before forking over your cash. CNET‘s reviews have provided detailed customer reviews for numerous products out on the market.

Chapter 10 Notes

April 30, 2010

From Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques: Five Elements Given Within Media Databases (Providing Contact Information): Names of Publications Mailing Addresses Fax and Telephone Numbers E-mail addresses Key Editors and Reporters Tip Sheets- Weekly newsletters of updated information including: Which reporters have changed information What assignments have been modified What the reporter is currently looking […]

Chapter 9 Notes

April 30, 2010

From Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques: Audio Releases and Public Service Announcements Audio News Releases (ANR): May be 60 seconds in length May contain sound bites of 20 seconds or less Contain pre-planned, scripted material Public Service Announcements (PSA): Also referred to as a Community Service Announcement (CSA) Unpaid advertisements Typically used to raise […]

Chapter 8 Reading Notes

April 30, 2010

From┬áPublic Relations Writing and Media Techniques: Several factors contribute to a well developed photo: Color Lighting and Timing Scale Action Composition Technical Quality Subject Matter Camera Angle Covering ethical and legal ground: Question if photo changes reality in any way Evaluate if photo can possibly deceive Ask if promotion moves away from photographer’s original subject […]

31 Cent Ice Cream

April 28, 2010

In the spirit of public relations, Baskin Robbins has been allowing citizens to sign up for reminders for the April 28th national day of 31 cent ice cream. Anyone can go into Baskin Robbins between 5 and 10pm tonight and get up to three scoops of their favorite ice cream for 31 cents a scoop.

Protected: SMNR Project

April 27, 2010

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Do The Test

April 27, 2010

Our teacher showed us an interesting video today in class about creative techniques concerning public service announcements. PSAs are generally all the same, so it becomes more effective when you use a new approach as in this video from U.K. The test in this video is a bit tricky, so see if you have what […]

Conversations with Jeff Houck

April 25, 2010

Recently, we had a man familiar with the real world of public relations come speak in our class. Jeff Houck, contributor to the Tampa Tribune, stopped by for a little discussion. He was a lively character with a lot of useful information for any question the class had to offer him. Hearing him provided a […]