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Open Mic

Are you a Public Relations student or practitioner? Are you one of the thousands of Facebook addicts? Wouldn’t it be convenient for PR prospects to be connected with other professionals to learn the ropes?… Enter PROpen Mic.

This is a social networking site designed specifically for people interested in the field of public relations. It’s not only a place for students to be mentored and come to a better understanding of the public relations lifestyle, but also a place for well-seasoned veterans to get together and further their own horizons in this global community we find ourselves in.

Though not quite the same, PR Open Mic has a similar feel to the way Facebook is run (profile information links and an IM chat feature). On this site you can sign up with your email for free, just as you would many other social networking sites, and begin looking for and inviting friends immediately. This can be done by simply searching for individuals or by uploading contacts from other address books you have stored in different websites. After you initiate that process you can begin customizing your page (something Facebook limits).

One of the most beneficial, and practical, features available with PR Open Mic is the page dedicated to providing PR seekers with job and internship links. We all know how difficult the economy is and how difficult it can be to compete in the job market to begin with. The worse things get, the more apparent it becomes that landing a job isn’t always based on your qualifications or skills, but on the people you know. As frustrating as that may be, it is what we’re left with. Thus, getting connected with other professionals within the field through these various mediums becomes a way of getting your face in to be known in the crowd, and may lead you in the direction to the right job for you.


2 Responses to “Open Mic”

  1. Okay, first of all, I want to comment on the last topic you spoke about here. I totally agree that sometimes it is not necessarily about what you know, ,but who you know. That is why even I, a communications major with an interest in graphic design, can find use from sites like these. PR people don’t have to be the only ones to network. Networking is a must for almost everyone now days. Your post was very informative to me, even though I have looked into the website myself. There is a lot to keep learning about with all of these sites. I didn’t realize there was a place for instant chat. That is great because that means you can talk instantly with people you may want to work with/for. Very informative!

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