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The New Language of Tweeting

For our latest exercise in the Public Relations Writing and Advertising class, we were all either introduced to or re-familiarized with the social networking phenomenon of Twitter.

All the students in the class were assigned to sign up for a new account, if we didn’t already have our lives technologically updated, and experience the tweeting world for a period of seven days.

Though I have certainly heard of Twitter, I personally never signed up for an account. It just didn’t seem to be of much use to me when I would consider whether or not I should get one. I will say it has been interesting to have a Twitter.

Throughout the week, I didn’t think about Twitter too much, though I did post a few Tweets here and there. It did help to have the readily made “starter pack” provided by our professor for something to check up on every time I signed on. We were all given a list of PR professionals to follow in order to learn what kind of activity the field involves.

After using Twitter for a week, I will be keeping my account, but I still won’t be using it as much as I see with others. I’ve realized that it is good in checking up on news updates, but I don’t have much use for it at the time. It can be a good source to connect with people you want to hear updates from, so I would advise signing up for those purposes.

On the subject of meeting people over Twitter accounts, it can still be strange because I’m not used to that type of socializing. Maybe one day I’ll get in heavier contact with people over these kinds of sites, but it is not something I am looking to get into at the moment.


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