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Open Mic

March 21, 2010

Are you a Public Relations student or practitioner? Are you one of the thousands of Facebook addicts? Wouldn’t it be convenient for PR prospects to be connected with other professionals to learn the ropes?… Enter PROpen Mic. This is a social networking site designed specifically for people interested in the field of public relations. It’s […]

Chapter 7 Notes

March 6, 2010

From Public RelationsWriting and Media Techniques: Significance of Feature Stories: Gives Information Gives Background About Organization Provides Behind-the-scenes Look at Organization Generate Publicity What Makes Up A Feature: Headline Lead Body Summary Photos and Graphics Common Features: Case Studies Application Stories Research Studies Backgrounders Personality Profiles Historical Pieces

Chapter 6 Notes

March 6, 2010

From Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques: Fact Sheet Contents: Name of Event Sponsor Location Date and Time Event Purpose Expected Attendance List of Prominent Attendees Unusual Facts About Event Organization Fact Sheet: Name of Organization Products or Services Annual Revenues Number of Employees Top Executives Markets Served Position in Respected Industry Product Characteristics Fact […]

Chapter 5 Notes

March 6, 2010

From Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques: Press Releases (now also referred to as News Releases) Different Kinds of News Releases • Announcements • Spot Announcements • Reaction Announcements • Bad News • Local News What makes up a news release • Letterhead • Contacts • Headline • Dateline • Lead Paragraph • Body of […]

Chapter 4 Notes

March 6, 2010

From Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques: What makes news: Timeliness Prominence Proximity Significance Unusualness Human Interest Conflict Newness How to Find News Internal News Sources Papers Periodicals Clipping Files 2.  External News Sources Op-ed Sound Bites How to Create News Brainstorming Special Events Contests Polls and Surveys Top 10 Lists Product Demonstration Stunts Rallies […]

Following the Leader

March 6, 2010

Before anything else, I have to say: if you’re a new journalist, have been in journalism for longer than you have the ability to remember now, or have any interest in the field of journalism, I advise you to check out The Poynter’s Institute online training courses at NewsU. It is filled with tons of […]

The New Language of Tweeting

March 1, 2010

For our latest exercise in the Public Relations Writing and Advertising class, we were all either introduced to or re-familiarized with the social networking phenomenon of Twitter. All the students in the class were assigned to sign up for a new account, if we didn’t already have our lives technologically updated, and experience the tweeting […]