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What is it worth?

Everyday, every minute.. and maybe every second.. there’s a new story being posted up in some form of communication medium, but how many of these stories are even worth the time and how many are just pages torn out of some 7-year old’s diary and labeled news?

Finding and reporting on a story that is news worthy requires certain criteria. First we have to ask ourselves what the effect is of this story to the targeted audience. Why do they need to hear this story?

Within this question we find the criteria we are looking for. Namely, how this affects the audience. This is achieved by taking a conscious look at story proximity (is this related to people in the area?: local news and national news). Then we take a look at whether or not the story has any relevance to the audience (is this something that the audience is interested in?).

If it is a piece that goes beyond just interest and actually will alter the way people live their lives (epidemics/law changes for example), then it is certainly worth sharing with others.

These simple questions that may not be considered every time the word “news” is labeled onto a story can help sift out what is more worth your time versus what just comes out of individual feelings.


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