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Super Ads

As mentioned before, there would be two posts this week in order to catch up on the Topic of the Week list… so let’s get this rolling….

The weekend just before all the celebrations of romance filled every restaurant and lake side came about, pro-football had its greatest celebration when the New Orleans Saints squared off against the Indianapolis Colts for the honorable Vince Lombardi trophy.

Congratulations to the Saints and their first Super Bowl appearance and victory, but what is striking is that the Super Bowl attracts a higher viewer rate in part because of the ads that play during breaks in the game. Isn’t one purpose TiVo was invented to was skip through commercials?

Despite the logic, millions of people tuned in to the game, or the advertisements, to see what our society has come to now. From Google to Doritos, Hulu has them all posted in case you missed them, or in case you wanted to find your favorite, or even if you wanted the design model for a Doritos-plated samurai suit


2 Responses to “Super Ads”

  1. This year the Super Bowl was more amusing to me than the commercials. I am usually one of the people who tune in to see the commercials more than I am to watch the game. It is a little strange, but I am a girl that actually enjoys watching the games as well. This year was definitely a game year for me. There was only one commercial that actually made me excited, which was the Doritos slap commercial. I thought it was so funny and that little boy made it amazing. I could picture that happening, and I think that is why I liked it so much! Any-who, hopefully the commercials are better next year!! If not, there is always tuning in for the purpose of watching the game!

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