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Dust off the grammar books

Let’s take care of first things first: it has come to my attention that I am behind in my Topic of the Week posts for class, so this week there will be two posts up to make up for the lack.

Now on to the first:

Not too long ago, our class was encouraged to sign up for an online training program for journalists that would help us out with various areas of public relations writing and networking. Our first online class was in depth coverage about grammar and style, and punctuation.

What I did learn is the confusion that can come about within specific formats such as addresses or ages. For example, I was unaware that according to AP style, journalists have a different abbreviation for states than what we write when mailing a letter. Florida is not “FL” in both cases. I certainly don’t know all the abbreviations for every state. I wonder if there is a comparable list for all the states represented on one page…

What was provided through the course was several types of explanations about grammar and the proper use of words within sentences, followed by optional quizzes to sharpen the reviewed material.

There wasn’t anything specific that surprised me within the course, as it was pretty standard of what I expected to find when I logged in, but that is not to say there wasn’t material that wasn’t learned from.


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