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Loving Change

Recently I read Grammar Girl’s blog titled, “Is ‘I’m Loving It’ Proper Grammar?” This post struck me at first because I never gave the popularly used McDonald’s expression any thought in the context of grammar. The article went in depth over the differences between dynamic verbs and stative verbs in relation to using them in the progressive tense. As I came out of the article, I understood more of what the author was saying about the improper use of the verb.

Obviously, the media and culture should not be a source for the standard of grammar, but it does influence and eventually introduce new phrases or words that become acceptable.


2 Responses to “Loving Change”

  1. That is so crazy to think that McDonald’s has coined a phrase that is grammatically incorrect. I wonder, though, if it was intentional. Some brands misspell words on purpose or play on words in different phrases. Whether it was a mistake or not, it still is funny to hear. I would have never know it was wrong-it sounds okay to me! That just proves how in depth grammar can be and how much we learn strictly by what we hear. Grammar girl needs to come to school and teach us a thing or too. Actually, I guess we could just keep checking out her articles to find out what we’re doing wrong. Oh, the luxury of technology. 🙂

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